Archer Racecourse, Albatross Road

Track + Conditions


Circumference:    2019m

Width: 24m

Straight: 400m Kikuyu Turf – Fully Railed

Field Sizes: 16 (14 from 900m and 1000m) – restrictions when moveable rail is out

Barriers: Inside an advantage from 900m, 1000m & 1100m

Track Ratings

1 FIRMDry hard track,
2FIRMFirm track with reasonable grass coverage, on the fast side of good
3 GOODTrack with good grass coverage and cushion.
4 GOODTrack with some give in it.
5 SOFTTrack with reasonable amount of give in it.
6SOFTMoist but not  badly affected track.
7SOFTMore rain – affected track that will chop out..
8 HEAVYRain affected track that horses will get into.
9 HEAVYWet track getting into the squelchy area.
10 HEAVYHeaviest category track – very wet towards saturation.