Archer Racecourse, Albatross Road

Fashions on the Field

A major race day wouldn’t be complete without a Fashions on the Field competition. Now, some racegoers think that the competition is only for the ladies, but that’s not the case here at Shoalhaven City Turf Club.

 A Fashions on the Field competition is held at all our major race days with both ladies and men’s categories.  On our Girls Day Out, there is also a couple’s competition and category for millinery. 

Fashions on the Field is a fun part of the race day that racegoers can get involved in. It’s a great chance to show off your race day outfit and if you win or place, you’ll have bragging rights amongst your family and friends, as well as walk away with some lovely prizes thanks to our sponsors.

Not sure what to wear? Let’s have a look at some racewear options that have stood the test of time.

Black and white 

Always stylish, always classic and always on trend for both men and women. This classic colour combination looks great on everyone!

Black with a pop of colour

Add a pop of colour to your black outfit to make it pop and stand out from the crowd! This can be easily done by wearing a different colour pair of shoes, handbag, jewellery or hat. Colours that tend to work well with black include, red, orange and yellow. You can also adapt your black and white outfit by adding a pop of colour.

Florals and prints

Florals are synonymous with spring racing. You can choose a more traditional, softer floral design (think Laura Ashely), or a bold and bright digital style print. If florals aren’t really your thing, then a leaf pattern, geometric pattern or animal print such as python, are good print alternatives. 

Simple and structural

Classic lines and silhouettes always look elegant. Keep it simple by dressing in solid colours and letting the cut and shape of the outfit speak for itself. You can dress monotone (all pieces the same colour) or colour block. When colour blocking, ensure the colours are complimentary. Some good colour combinations include navy and red, burgundy and cream, and surprisingly; red and pink.


There are so many beautiful vintage pieces of clothing and accessories that are just waiting for a new home! Don’t dismiss second hand dresses, hats, shoes and bags. Many a Fashions on the Field has been won by competitors who are wearing vintage outfits. Vintage outfits can be a great option for those wanting something ‘one off’ and also if you are budget and environment conscious. 


For the men, a classic suit always looks smart. When it comes to country racing, try to think less ‘less business, more race day’ in regards to the suit. Blue suits with brown shoes and belt look great on men of all ages. Add a printed tie and pocket square and you are set! Hats also compliment a men’s race day look and are sun smart.  The suit however is not just for the men.  A tailored pant suit can look extremely stylish on women and is a great alternative for the woman who prefers not to wear a dress or skirt.

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