Archer Racecourse, Albatross Road



The following is a list of facilities and items available at the Shoalhaven City Turf Club


You are NOT permitted to bring on site any alcoholic beverages, including soft drinks and water, for any event or race meet. All cars, bags and hampers are checked on entry and any contraband will be confiscated and entry may be refused. This is a licencing matter and protects you and us.


The ATM facilities are available on course.

Disabled Facilities

We are disability friendly venue and the Shoalhaven City Turf Club provide inside parking for those displaying a disabled permit.  We have onsite disabled toilets. The Shoalhaven City Turf Club provides free entry for carers of disabled people who need assistance.

Food Services

Our canteen is operated by the Butterfactory and provides a range of hot and cold items on all race days and at other events.


We are family friendly and offer children’s activities on bigger race days.  Baby Change room is available.  Please note all children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Ties – $35
Champagne & Beer  Coolers – $5


We hold an On Premise Liquor Licence and the Licensee is Lynn Locke. No beverages, including soft drinks and water, are permitted to be brought on to the course at any time. The Club complies with legislation relating to the responsible service of alcohol. It is against the law for us to serve you if you are intoxicated, under 18, if you are supplying liquor to minors or are a barred patron. The Club recognises that it is against the law to allow disruptive or violent behaviour to occur on our premises. You will be evicted from the racecourse for offensive behaviour.


Circumference:    2019m

Width: 24m

Straight: 400m Kikuyu Turf – Fully Railed

Field Sizes: 16 (14 from 900m and 1000m) – restrictions when moveable rail is out

Barriers: Inside an advantage from 900m, 1000m & 1100m

Track Ratings

1 FIRMDry hard track,
2FIRMFirm track with reasonable grass coverage, on the fast side of good
3 GOODTrack with good grass coverage and cushion.
4 GOODTrack with some give in it.
5 SOFTTrack with reasonable amount of give in it.
6SOFTMoist but not  badly affected track.
7SOFTMore rain – affected track that will chop out..
8 HEAVYRain affected track that horses will get into.
9 HEAVYWet track getting into the squelchy area.
10 HEAVYHeaviest category track – very wet towards saturation.


  • Brian Adams
  • Richard Butler
  • Gary Crossley
  • Dennis D’Arcy
  • Warren Ganderton
  • Robert Price
  • Luke Price
  • Michelle Ritchie
  • Cheryl Roberts
  • Terry Robinson
  • Frank Walden